-Youth Exchange-

What is CPDIS ?

CPDIS ("Center for the Development of Structural Instruments" Association) With extensive experience in working with young people and implementing projects, we have successfully completed several projects with European funds and established partnerships with over 20 organizations in Europe. In Romania, we have engaged more than 100 young people in these projects, enabling them to acquire skills that facilitate their transition to an active life. Additionally, in collaboration with our international partners, we have sent over 250 young people to participate in youth exchanges, each of whom received certificates attesting to the skills they acquired in these exchanges.

OUR VISION is that through non-formal education methods, young people, youth workers from the local and regional.


The topic of the project focuses on culture, creativity and engagement.


The methodology you're going to experience is going to be a non-formal journey through team building activities, topic based workshops, energizers (prepare yourself in case you want to help the group perdorm one of your unique energizers), outdoor activities considering that we're going to be  next to one of the most beautiful mountainous areas.

The result of the youth exchange  will be an event dedicated to creativity and culture.

Participant Profile

The ideal participant:

(youth that are going with Erasmus+ for the first time  have priority and gender balance among groups is reccomended)

Work together to improve!

TedX Workshop

Get out of your comfort zone!

Energizer type   activities

Create memories to cherish home!

Last day moment


Don't forget to bring some warm clothes because it's going to get colder!


Enter the site to search (SELECT AS DATES: 17 AND 27 JULY) and buy train tickets, fill up the station names and for the tutorial click here! (KEEP ALL TICKETS, INVOICES AND PROOF OF PAYMENT FOR REIMBURSEMENT)

Izvoru Oltului-Bucharest, 27th of July

Bucharest-Izvoru Oltului, 17th of July

The trip summarized

-be careful what plane you book to come to Romania  (landing at maximum 18:00, on 17th of JULY), because the direct trains from Bucharest to Izvoru Oltului are only at  12:24 and 21:05 ; 

- after arriving at the OTP Airport, buy train  tickets to get to Bucharest North train station and come to the meeting point (McDonald's), one volunteer of our NGO is going to meet you there.

-buy train tickets from Bucharest North to Izvoru Oltului and from there wait for the bus that is going to take all participants to the accommodation ;


( 1 EURO = 4.96 LEI)

Travel BACK info

-Book your planes'departure only AFTER 10:30 AM, ON 27th . We're going to ensure the travel to the train station by bus in order to get everyone on their way home.

Contact for help:

Cristi Florescu:

0726 32 30 78

Facebook ID: