"One must accept finite disappointment,

but never lose infinite hope."

Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Infinite Hope is a Chicago area mental health therapy and consulting practice. At Infinite Hope, we are dedicated to strengthening collaborative partnerships and family relationships through positive system-oriented interventions. Our mission is to help foster and support healthy and productive individual, family, school and community systems. We strongly believe that change, guided by hope and optimism, allows people and systems to function optimally.

Infinite Hope believes in strong families and healthy communities. We walk with families during challenging times because we know that life's journeys can be overwhelming when traveled alone. We utilize a compassionate approach that supports dignity and respect to address any issues impacting the family. Together, we build hope and belief that collaborative change is always possible. We are humbled that you would consider us as partners in your journey and we would be honored to support you and your family during this process.