We are half way through the year! Where has the time gone?! Here are 3 success stories from the first semester of Year 2 of the DLP at Carolina Springs Middle!

Miss Richard

Mr. Borowiec

Mrs. Slabach

CSMS Welcomed Back for Year 2!

Google for Education, Digital Promise, & EdTech Team welcomed back the original DLP schools for another year of the Dynamic Learning Project in Mountain View, CA!

Brice and I are beyond thrilled and humbled that Carolina Springs get to participate again in what has been the best professional development we have ever received. The impact on CSMS has been transformative as teachers use technology in new innovative ways in the classroom and our students are using tools, creating, and learning like never before.

Google AR Pioneer Expedition Visit


Cycle 1 & 2

Stay tuned!

CSMS Celebrates the DLP!

Now the work begins! It was a nerve wrecking couple of weeks from when we got back from Google to the start of school. Brice and I had to celebrate and sell the DLP to faculty of Carolina Springs. To be honest, coaching was something not many teachers liked to participate in and my job title and job responsibilities have changed numerous times since the beginning. My position started off as a "Technology Integration Specialist" and was there for tech support and weekly tech trainings. Then it has slowly morphed into coaching and assisting teachers use technology and provide training. Eventually, it turned into "Digital Learning Coach" which was bordered the fence of instructional coach and technology coach focusing so much more on pedagogy and student centered needs.

In the DLP, I am full on coach who focuses on teacher challenges and assists teachers use proven pedagogy to integrate technology tools into the classroom to increase student engagement and learning outcomes.

Break open the bubbly (cider) and celebrate to with the staff about what we can do together and with the support of the DLP how much we can grow and work together to close the second digital divide.

In the Beginning

Summer 2017 Jared & Brice along with Jeff & Laura (PMS), Benji & Jennifer (GMS), Darlene & Suzanne (WKMS) head to Google! It was a week of intense training, networking, and learning, but it is a week we will never forget!