Inequality-opoly: The Founder's Edition Now Available for Purchase

-All Life Event Cards, Property Cards, and Identity Cards are all Laminated

-The following components have been redesigned by Erik Reichenbach:

Event Cards

Property Cards

Identity Cards

-This set also comes with full access to the Digital Board Game on Tabletopia


The Mission of Inequality-opoly is to spread awareness and advance discourse about how racism and sexism effect the accumulation and sustaining of wealth in America.


Inequality-opoly: The Board Game of Structural Racism and Sexism in America is an educational experience that transforms recent national studies into an engaging and personalized perspective-taking experience.

Inequality-opoly was made to transform boring diversity and inclusion trainings into an engaging, personalized, and educational experience that unfolds over time. Unlike most diversity trainings, many Inequality-opoly participants purchase the game to play at home with their families and friends. Since this game is based on a classic American property trading game, there is not a steep learning curve to pick up this game.


There are eight perceived identities in Inequality-opoly: Asian Man, Black Man, Latinx/Hispanic Man, White Man, Asian Woman, Black Woman, Latinx/Hispanic Woman, White Woman. As the players travel around the board they encounter and learn about the following issues:

  • Racial and Gender Pay Gap

  • Prison Industrial Complex

  • Mortgage Approval/Denial

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Health Insurance

  • Intimate Partner Violence

  • Natural Disasters

  • Student Loan Debt

  • Inheritance

  • Sexual Orientation Discrimination

  • Mental Health

  • Voting Disenfranchisement

  • (Re)Employment

Learning Outcomes:

-Participants will understand the structural obstacles to building wealth as a woman and/or person of color

-Participants will become more financially literate by learning about investments, inheritance, mortgage, and assets.

-Participants will learn how structural racism and sexism intersect

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