What is this?

In the summer of 2014, Old Northside resident Kris Owens submitted his idea to be a part of the 5x5 Indy competition which awards $10,000 to an idea which improves the neighborhood and the city of Indianapolis. (For more info on 5x5 Indy, click here.) Using five slides for five minutes and competing against five other ideas from around the city, Kris won.

His idea?

Improve the Alabama underpass with murals and improved lighting.

The underpass was dark (even during the day), filled with trash, and bookended by high weeds. With the underpasses in the neighborhood being a corridor between downtown and the northern neighborhoods, Kris thought that we can do much better as a city.

The Arts Council was responsible for installing murals in each of the underpasses in the downtown area, which went a long way towards the goal of making the underpasses more user friendly. But there's more to be done!

The long-term goal is to light every underpass in the ONS and adjoining neighborhoods. The Alabama project is just the first step towards that vision. Please share this with your friends and neighbors, and thank you for your support!