How can I help?

We need help in two ways.

1. Spread the word about this project.

Share this website, tweet about it, tell your aunt on Facebook, post a flier, whatever else you can think of to help get the word out. This is a real grassroots project, and word of mouth is one of the best ways for this to become more visible.

2. Fundraising support.

You can donate to the Old Northside Foundation who will then distribute funds for the project. Click here to be directed to the Go Fund Me page for this project.

3. Adopt an Underpass

By signing up to adopt an underpass, you are agreeing to pick up trash on a schedule that you create. This can be as needed, or every week on a specific day. There is frequently trash in the underpass and environs, as well as high weeds. You can help pull weeds around the fencing and underpass columns, or be responsible for filing a request with INDOT to cut the grass. To help you do all of this, you'll be provided with gloves, trashbags, and a trash grabber! More info will be made available in the adoption information packet.

To adopt an underpass, click here.