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Indy Tech Fix dedicates its efforts to help you:

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When you come to Indy Tech Fix, you want your problems solved, so we:

"Say yes to any job, no matter how unusual, unless someone else can get the job done better."

Indy Tech Fix has solved various issues from Apple Laptops and Phones to Servers and networked environments,

even a wireless doorbell!

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If the work done by Indy Tech Fix or its technicians does not satisfy you for any reason, you get to choose either an absolutely free second look, or a fair refund.

For over 23 years, Blake Escritt has been a computer power user.

Now he owns a home and business in Independence, KS; holds a lifetime membership in American Mensa, maintains current membership in the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and PMI granted him the Certified Associate of Project Management credential. Blake specializes in Windows OS repair, Virus Containment, Data Management, GNU/Linux, Free and Open Source Software, and low-cost procurement.

By appointment at ISTC

Your convenience is our top priority. All other things equal, Blake likes to meet at Independence Science and Technology Center, 125 S. Penn. If you're in a hurry and not needing to drop off or pick up any equipment, we can also meet you at Ane Mae's Coffee and Sandwich Shop 325 N. Penn.