Computer Checkup

Test to make sure your web browser has a working ad-blocker, because many scams start with popups from disreputable sites. If you need an Ad-Blocker, Indy Tech Fix recommends uBlock Origin for Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. Indy Tech Fix can also install a whole-home ad-blocking solution that will block ads on all devices on your network, even phones.

Test to make sure websites cannot track what you do online. If your browser fails this test, Indy Tech Fix recommends using HTTPS Everywhere and Privacy Badger to keep your personal data safer online.

Test your antivirus. Often, an antivirus solution will malfunction or its license will expire, leaving your computer unprotected. When you attempt to download this test file, your antivirus should stop you from successfully downloading the file. If your computer is not protected from viruses, contact Indy Tech Fix right away!

Quickly remove adware from your computer to make it run faster with fewer popups and fewer security holes. If this scan reports more than a dozen or so results, contact Indy Tech Fix right away!

Download and run the Free 30 Day Managed IT Services Trial. After 12-24 hours, contact Indy Tech Fix, for information on the health of your hard disk drives.

Check your internet speed. If you're not getting the Wired and WiFi speeds your internet service provider promises you, Indy Tech Fix can make sure you're getting your money's worth from your Home Networking.

Check if your computer can correctly open PDFs. If not, Indy Tech Fix recommends Google Chrome or Adobe Reader DC.

Most businesses and educators will need you to be able to open DOCX documents and XLSX spreadsheets. Make sure you're ready by viewing these test files. If Microsoft Office is missing or unlicensed, Indy Tech Fix recommends LibreOffice.

Testing an HD YouTube video in full-screen can be a good way to measure the overall performance of your computer. If the video takes a long time to load, buffers, or falls out of sync, make an appointment with Indy Tech Fix.