Inference of Dynamical Systems (InDy)

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Center for Theoretical Neuroscience

Zuckerman Institute, Columbia University

When: Every other Thursday at 1pm

Where: JLG-L5-116

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Neural dynamics underlying generalization of neuroprosthetic control


Room: L5-116

Presenters: Vivek Athalye

Main references:

  • Unpublished Research

Delay Embeddings


Room: L5-116

Presenters: Amin Nejatbakhsh

Main references:



Room: L5-116

Presenters: Evan Schaffer / Matt Whiteway / Neeli Mishra

Main references:

  • Unpublished research

Representations in the Brain


Room: L5-116

Presenter: Xuexin Wei

Main references:

Quantifying Interactions between Neural Populations during Behavior using Dynamical Systems Models


Room: L5-116

Presenter: Raina D'Aleo (via Zoom)

Main References:

Learning interpretable continuous-time models of latent stochastic dynamical systems


Room: L5-116

Presenter: Julien Boussard

Main References:

Dynamics in M1 / BMI


Room: L5-116

Presenter: Vivek Athalye

  • personal research

Neural ODE and FFJORD


Room: L5-116

Presenter: Luhuan Wu

Main references:

Time-varying Autoregression with Low Rank Tensors

06/13/2019 (Note: Thursday)

Room: L5-116

Presenter: Joshua Glaser

Main references:

Population-level neural activity: what we’ve learned from furless animals

Inference of Dynamics with Normalizing Flows

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