Industrial Ontologies Foundry (IOF)

Where Open Ontologies Meet Industries

The primary goal of the IOF is to create a suite of open and principles-based ontologies, from which other domain dependent or application ontologies can be derived in a modular fashion, remaining 'generic' (i.e., non-proprietary, non-implementation specific) so they can be reused in any number of industrial domains or manufacturing specializations.

Other IOF Goals:

  • Providing principles and best practices by which quality ontologies can be developed that will support interoperability for industrial domains,
  • Instituting a governance mechanism to maintain and promulgate the goals and principles,
  • Providing an organizational framework and governance processes that ensure conformance to principles and best practices for development, sharing, maintenance, evolution, and documentation of IOF ontologies.

See IOF Charter for more details.

See IOF Value Propositions.

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