Seminar «Industrial Mathematics»
at Chebyshev Laboratory

Welcome to the web-page of the seminar "Industrial Mathematics" at Chebyshev Laboratory (Saint Petersburg State University, Russia). The seminar usually meets online on Tuesdays or Fridays at 15:30 (GMT+3, Moscow time) in Zoom. All detailes about Zoom ID and password can be found in an abstract file.

Next seminar

TBA, 15:30: Akif Ibragimov "Fundamentals in Peaceman model for well-block radius for non-linear flows" (GMT+3, Moscow time)

Akif Ibragimov

In our talk we will present recent non-published results on PDE aspects of the flow in porous media. This research was motivated by discussion with my teacher Evgeni Mikchalovich Landis.

We consider sewing machinery between finite difference and analytical solutions defined at different scale: far away and near source of the perturbation of the flow. One of the essences of the approach is that coarse problem and boundary value problem in the proxy of the source model two different flows. We are proposing method to glue solution via total fluxes, which is predefined on coarse grid. It is important to mention that the coarse solution "does not see" boundary.

From industrial point of view our report can be considered as a mathematical "shirt" on famous Peaceman well-block radius formula for Darcy radial flow but can be applied in much more general scenario.

This is a joint project with E. Zakirov. I. Indrupskiy, D. Anikeev from Oil ang Gas Res. Inst. of Russian Academy of Science.


About seminar

The seminar is devoted to various aspects of the application of mathematics to problems of practical importance for industry.

The first direction is associated with hydrodynamic problems, describing the movement of fluids in an oil reservoir. It includes both the study of the accompanying physical and chemical foundations and the physical and mathematical apparatus, as well as various aspects of numerical modeling.

The second direction sheds light on issues related to the geological structure of the reservoir and various approaches to its analysis, closely related to the tasks of data analysis and processing of images and signals using modern technologies.

Seminar location:

  • St. Petersburg, 14 line V.O., building 29

  • Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of St. Petersburg State University

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