Book Reviews & Blogs

By Dr. Indra Ekmanis

Book review: We are here: Memories of the Lithuanian Holocaust, by Ellen Cassedy

Lituanus 62(3), pp. 100-102, 2016.

Book review: Nation-building in the Baltic States: Transforming governance social welfare and security in Northern Europe, by Gundar King & David McNabb

Journal of Baltic Studies 46(2), pp. 269-271, 2015.

Jaunā Gaita 279, Spring 2015. (In Latvian)

Latvija Amerika Nr. 18, May 2, 2015. (In Latvian)

Book review: Unforced flourishing: Understanding Jaan Kaplinski, by Thomas Salumets

Jaunā Gaitā 280, Summer 2015. (In Latvian)

Book review: Baltic façades: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania since 1945, by Aldis Purs

Lituanus 59(4), 2013.

Jaunā Gaita 273, Summer 2013. (In Latvian)

Book review: Vilnius: City of strangers, by Laimonas Briedis

Jaunā Gaita 272, Spring 2013. (In Latvian)

Book review: Deception: The untold story of East-West espionage today, by Edward Lucas

Jaunā Gaita 271, Winter 2012. (In Latvian)

Ellison Center for Russian East European & Central Asian Studies Newsletter | Selected commentary:

‘More to do’: Grigas speaks on European energy security (May 2014)

Panel analyzes Euromaidan as events unfold (January 2014)

Singing across the Sea: UW Music Department strengthens ties to the Baltic (November 2013)