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By Dr. Indra Ekmanis

PRI's The World June 5, 2019

The United States Board on Geographic Names will officially list the capital of Ukraine as Kyiv, not Kiev. It's the result of years of advocacy by the Ukrainian government to popularize the Ukrainian spelling. But why does it matter?

PRI's The World June 5, 2019 (PRI's The World: 'Generation Putin' with Daniel Ofman and Marco Werman)

Russia's feminists are fighting to be heard in a country where most think there are bigger problems than gender inequality.

PRI's The World June 4, 2019 (PRI's The World: 'Generation Putin' with Daniel Ofman and Marco Werman)

Not everything revolves around politics for young Russians — life is more than being pro- or anti-Putin for the vast majority — but for some, politics dominates their lives and what they hope is their future.

PRI's The World June 3, 2019 (PRI's The World: 'Generation Putin' with Daniel Ofman and Marco Werman)

A growing number of Russians are volunteering time to help solve issues facing the country — issues that the Russian state is not taking on itself.

PRI's The World June 18, 2019 (In collaboration with Things That Go Boom/Inkstick Media)

Sanctions on Iran have squeezed the economy since the 1970s, and since US President Donald Trump pulled out of the nuclear deal, they have been ratcheting up. Some Iranians are ready to cut and run but others are waiting out the economic storm.

PRI's The World June 11, 2019 (In collaboration with Things That Go Boom/Inkstick Media)

Think tanks with nonprofit status aren't required to say much of anything when it comes to the source of their funding — whether it be billionaires or foreign governments. That can become a problem when such organizations significantly influence foreign policy — such as the Iran nuclear deal — without disclosing to whom they are financially beholden.

PRI's The World May 27, 2019 (In collaboration with Things That Go Boom/Inkstick Media)

Diplomacy is often awkward, stymied by translators, late nights and unsecured yurt communication (yes, that really happened). But diplomacy can also stop a war, as years of secret and not-so-secret negotiations between the US and Iran proved when the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was reached in 2015.

PRI's The World May 14, 2019 (In collaboration with Things That Go Boom/Inkstick Media)

It's been a year since the US pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal ad some experts warn that the threat of a worldwide meltdown is the worst it's been since the darkest, most dangerous days of the Cold War.

PRI's The World March 28, 2019

Netflix recently announced they would not be renewing critical darling "One Day at a Time," prompting swift backlash. The remake covers a host of difficult issues and is one of few shows narrowing the ever-growing gap in Latinx representation in the media.

PRI's The World March 21, 2019

Democrats in the House of Representatives introduced landmark immigration legislation March 12 in an expansive bill that would extend paths to legal status for an estimated 2.6 million non-citizens in the US. Even though no one expects HR-6 to pass, the bill is historic.

PRI's The World February 4, 2019

The State of the Union is the president’s opportunity to lay out his own agenda for the year. Here’s what Trump said last year and what actually happened.

PRI's The World January 25, 2019

Despite signing an executive order for the wall on Jan. 25, 2017, there’s been no construction or funding on the project. What has happened in the last two years?

PRI's The World January 11, 2019

US President Donald Trump has suggested he could declare a national emergency to get a border wall. This hasn't happened yet, but the US is still technically in crisis. There are 31 national emergencies currently active, ranging from last year to 1979.

PRI's The World December 28, 2018

Picture books can play a big role in shaping the way children see the world. Here are some children's book picks that speak to diversity and inclusion, as suggested by the Global Nation community.