Troll Trump

Just for fun ;-)

Trumplethinskin... sometimes it's fun to get under his thin, thin skin.

Call Trump Businesses

Since the White House shut down its phone comment line, you can now lodge complaints about Trump's plans directly with one of his properties. As he has not divested from his businesses, and considers his hotels and golf courses "satellite" White Houses, go ahead and share your thoughts directly via WhiteHouseInc.

Report Alien Crime

The Trump administration created a hotline for victims of crime by illegal immigrants. GQ deftly explains the many things wrong with this. So Twitter users encouraged calls to the hotline about a different kind of alien - and indeed, the hotline was soon overloaded with calls about space aliens. As the GQ piece says, "So yeah, it would be a real shame if you dialed 1-855-48-VOICE and told them about an illegal alien who stole your cows or cut a circle into your crops. I'm definitely not encouraging that as a way to fight this horrific, state-sponsored intimidation of our immigrant community even though most of our ancestors (including Donald Trump's own grandparents) were immigrants."

Reply to Trump's Tweets

Tweet @realDonaldTrump - apparently it bothers him. You'd think being president would keep Trump too busy to read all of the many, many people making fun of his tweets, but he apparently not only reads them, but has been banning some people from tweeting back at him. Want to get in on the action? As a bonus, "One of the most bizarre and strangely fun experiences you can have on the internet right now is being one of the first people to reply to Donald Trump’s tweets." You can even make your own fake Trump tweets - let the hilarity ensue! Or, if you don't feel like reading all those tweets, you can just watch them burn.