We are all passionate about many causes, but it's hard to make time for each one. Our issue leaders research important issues, plan actions, partner with local advocacy groups, and report back to the membership at large.

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If you would like to get actively involved with a specific issue, you may contact the issue leader with the email address below. Some also have separate Facebook or Google Groups that you can join.

Civil Rights: Immigration, women's rights, #blacklivesmatter, and voting rights

ICT4 Civil Rights Watch Facebook page

Environment: EPA, safe water & clean air, Climate Change

ICT4 Environment Facebook page

Fake News: Fight fake alt-right "news" sites and support true journalism

Contact us if you'd like to help lead this group.

Gun Safety: Sensible gun safety legislation to protect all Americans

Healthcare: Affordable Care Act vs Trumpcare, Medicare/Medicaid, Single Payer, Planned Parenthood

ICT4 Healthcare Facebook page

Russia: We need a truly independent investigation into Trump's ties with Russia

State Legislators: Voting records, bill proposals and schedules of our state reps

Contact us if you'd like to help lead this group.