Find your reps

We have put together the following information to make it easy for you to find your national, state, or local representatives in CT's 4th District.

US congressional representatives

Senator Chris Murphy

Senator Richard Blumenthal

Representative Jim Himes

State legislators

You can find the state legislators representing your town at the CT General Assembly website.


Governor Dannel P. Malloy contact information is also here.

Mayors and First Selectmen

We have also collected contacts for 4th District mayors and first selectmen.

Local candidates running for office in 2018

You can find a list of local candidates and political committees at SEEC's website. Simply click the top link on that page for the upcoming election (i.e. "Candidate Committees for the November 2018 election").

Please also see Resources for ICT4 General Meeting June 18 2018 Teaching Change

For sites and tools (like resistbot) that make it easy to engage with your representatives by providing crucial issues, call scripts, and more, visit our Everyday Actions page.