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Alternatively, you can mail us your donation (any amount helps!) by check. Please make your check payable to "ICT4" and send it to:

ICT4 ~ PO Box 343 ~ Wilton CT 06897

Donors who give $50 or more will receive the ICT4 Sponsor pin to recognize their contributions to ICT4.

This enamel lapel pin is worn at our meetings by volunteers who have given hundreds of hours to make ICT4 the organization it is. We hope you will become a Sponsor in the way that suits you best so that ICT4 can continue to provide excellent information and programming. Please wear it to future ICT4 meetings, rallies and in your everyday life as a signifier of your commitment to the work you have done and will continue to do to fight for a fair and free future.

"Lesson 15 from Timothy Snyder's book On Tyranny is Contribute to Good Causes.

To quote Snyder: “One element of freedom is the choice of associates, and one defense of freedom is the activity of groups to sustain their members.” The business of resisting Trump and enabling an alternative vision costs money – to rent halls for meetings, to print signs, to organize transportation. Maybe to support an intern so we can engage a more diverse group of people. Not a lot of money. But certainly more than I figured when a few of us set up this group last January. So make your pledge. Whatever you can afford. 10 bucks. 25 bucks. 50 bucks. We ain’t trying to out-Koch the Koch brothers. But believe me, this movement could use the scratch. The resistance needs fuel!"