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Have a question about ICT4 membership? Want to be connected to someone particular in the organization, or volunteer specific skills? Need help (un)subscribing to our lists? Please contact us with any questions!

Issue Groups

Contact the leaders of our Issue Groups to learn how you can get more involved with any issue that is close to your heart. Also see our Issue Groups page for links to their separate Facebook or Google groups.

Civil Rights & Immigration -

Environment -

Gun Safety -

Health Care, Planned Parenthood, Medicare-

Russia -

Outreach & Local Partner Groups

Are you a member of a local organization that would like to partner with ICT4? Contact us to learn more about our collaboration with partner groups, diversity outreach, and young activists group. Please also see our Partners page for links to local like-minded local groups.

Communications & Public Relations

Are you a member of the press, or want to share something to our members via ICT4 social media? Contact out Communications/PR team. Events can be submitted to the ICT4 calendar via our Event Clearinghouse, below.

Event Clearinghouse

Want to share an event with our membership by adding it to our calendar? Please submit your event to our clearinghouse.


Thank you for supporting our work in CT's 4th District! Information on donations can be found on our Donate page.

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