Connecticut is one of just 11 states that does not allow early voting. Our chance is now to make voting in CT more convenient. House bill HJ 161 , which calls for the necessary referendum to amend the Constitution to permit early voting, overwhelming passed in the CT House. Now we need to make sure that it passes in the CT Senate to get it on the 2020 ballot. If not, the process has to be repeated and CT voters won't be able to weigh in on this until 2026. Other states have made it easier to vote (Texas allows voting 30 days before Election Day!) - why should Connecticut voters be at a disadvantage?

Your action item: Call your CT state senator to ask them to support HJ 161.

Below is more detail on the mechanics of this change, along with:

  1. A link to find contact information for your state senator.
  2. A list of the phone numbers and emails for the Republican senators (who most need to be convinced)
  3. A possible script to use for calls that you may edit as you see fit.
  4. Sample email follow-up to phone calls.

Please share this request and the list of phone numbers with all of your contacts and encourage them to make calls asap. Look over the towns that are represented, and if you know people who live in those towns, please encourage them to call their representatives.

Early voting mailing #2B