Please join us this Saturday, June 23 in Fairfield CT for a rally to protest the cruel & inhumane "Zero Tolerance" practices of treating asylum seekers like criminals and separating immigrant children from their familes at the border (or putting them in jails).

The executive order Trump signed on 6/20 does NOT solve the problem of Zero Tolerance or providing an appropriate environment for families with children seeking asylum. The fight continues!

This widely-condemned administration policy has been described by the president of the American Academy of Pediatrics as "child abuse,” and by the United Nations as "a serious child-rights violation.” The U.N. has called for the U.S. to “immediately halt this practice.”

Join us to send a loud & clear message that removing children from their parents - with no guarantee as to when or if they will ever see one another again - is barbaric and that this is not who we are as a country.

This event is being held in solidarity with the national Keep Families Together movement and in support of the "Keep Families Together Act,” which has been co-sponsored in the Senate by our Democratic U.S. Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal. U.S. Congressman Jim Himes is an original co-sponsor of the House’s companion bill introduced June 19th.

NOTE: This is a peaceful rally and families are welcome.

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