Summer Camp

Empower your kids 6-14 yrs 

with Ancient Knowledge relevant in future tech

in a fun way over a 2 week online camp.  

Early Bird Offer @ Rs.4000/-  Rs.3000/-


Night Sky Observation

Math in Sanskrit Shloka

Sanskrit Coding

Indian Calendar

Panchtantra Stories

                 March, April, May 2023

Early Bird Offer @ Rs.4000/-  Rs.3000/-

Night Sky Observation

Hindu/Indian Calendar 

Early Bird Offer @ Rs.4000/-  Rs.3000/-

Ganita(Maths) in Sanskrit Shlokas 

Early Bird Offer @ Rs.4000/-  Rs.3000/-

Sanskrit Coding

Panchatantra stories 

Early Bird Offer @ Rs.4000/-  Rs.3000/-

Meet the mentor

Early Bird Offer @ Rs.4000/-  Rs.3000/-

Goodies offered in Summer Camp


Dave, 6 years,


Not just a coding platform but the in-depth knowledge of vedic geometry... All thanks to Sainathji for sharing this knowledge selflessly. It keeps the kids engaged at the same time keeps Sanskrit and Indian sciences alive..

Smt Sreekala Kannan, 

Computer Engineer and Ayurvedic Practitioner,

IT Finance Manager, Commonwealth Bank Australia

Arjun, 11 years,


Mr.Sainath has this great vision and brought it to reality. Enjoyed creating Indian Flag in minutes using Sanskrit as a programming language - Shardula Parashar

    Excited to learn more about it. Innovation is the key to excellence and confident Shardula is in the right direction.

Smt Gayathri N, 

Cisco Product Manager

Shriyaansh, 11 years,


Shardula AI 's Parashara has put in a small step in the right direction and at the right time. This attempt to initiate ancient vedic knowledge through modern use of technology has been commendable, to say the least.

I strongly recommend this program be presented to larger audiences in the coming days, so that greater good to greater number of people is achieved.

Smt Saritha Shanbhag,

Ex Orace Developer

Early Bird Offer @ Rs.4000/-  Rs.3000/-

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to register?

using link :

or click here    WhatsApp Group Link 

Who can join Summer Camp?

This Camp is organized for the kids 6-14 yrs. In the past, many Software professionals and Academicians have joined interest in our Sanskrit coding platform. in the same way, separate sessions are being arranged for them.    

What is Shardula-ai?

Shardula-ai is a startup established in 2020, working in the area of bringing Sanskrit to Computing. 

We have developed a first of its kind Sanskrit Coding Platform which is based on the Indian Architecture and Astronomy concepts.

 One can create images(artwork) using this platform where instructions to the computer is given in the simple Sanskrit sentences. 

 More than 200 participant spread across 8 countries have tried coding in Sanskrit and enjoyed creating artwork. 

How this Summer camp is different? 

This is first of a kind Camp, where the contents are unique and created by us. Child gets access to software developed at Shardula-ai.

Early Bird Offer @ Rs.4000/-  Rs.3000/-