The Best of Spring 2021

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This is a collection of stories written throughtout my spring 2021 semester for Indian Epics.

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Table of Contents

The Evil Scientist and The Platypus ... Story 1

This story is based off of "The Monkey and The Crococile", one of the stories we read at the beginning of the semester. I decided to write that story in the setting of the Phineas and Ferb universe. I really enjoyed writing it.

Birth of Draupadi ... Story 2

This story is a little more serious than the story before it. I wrote about the birth of Draupadi and tried to go into more detail. Draupadi is the main heroine in the Mahabharata. I thought it was interesting that Draupadi was born as a way for Drupada to get revenge. Especially since her life was so hard for her. I took some creative liberties with the story since there was not a lot of fluff descriptions in the Tiny Tales version of the Mahabharata.