Neighborhood Association Bylaws



It shall be the purpose of this non-profit corporation, the Indian Creek Neighborhood Association, to preserve and protect the residential amenities of the neighborhood, to protect the rights of its residents and protect and preserve the quality of the natural environment through the monitoring of development proposals, permit applications, and ordinances, and to speak with a united voice to those who make decisions affecting the quality of life inside and outside the boundaries of the Neighborhood.



Section 1. Members are defined as adult individuals of households, homeowners, and business owners within the Neighborhood Association boundaries. An eligible individual will qualify for membership by submitting their name, address, telephone number, and email address to the Association. Members shall have the right to attend any and all meetings, including the annual meeting, and to cast one (1) vote per member for Neighborhood Association business.

Section 2. The boundaries of the Neighborhood for these purposes are defined as the geographical area located in Thurston County, Washington that is bordered by Boulevard Road on the east, 22nd Avenue on the south to Watershed Park on the west, Wheeler Avenue on the north from Eastside Street to where 15th Avenue would be extended.



Section 1. An annual meeting of the members shall be held each year during the month of April. Additional meetings of the members may be called at any time by the Board of Directors. Members will be notified not less than 48 hours prior to the meetings by either e-mailing members or signs posted at prominent locations. All meetings are open to any members who choose to attend.

Section 2. Each member, as defined in Article II, present at a neighborhood association meeting shall be entitled to one vote. Simple majority vote will rule.



Section 1. The Board will consist of at least three (3), and not more than nine (9) members, with a goal of five (5). Board members will be elected by majority vote at the annual meeting for a two year term. The Directors’ terms will be staggered, that is, one-half of the Board shall be elected at each annual meeting. There shall be no limit on consecutive terms served by the Directors. The board desires representation from throughout the neighborhood. The Board may act for the Association between meetings.

Section 2. The Board will elect positions of service. Board members will attend regularly scheduled board meetings to maintain his/her position. A quorum is required for a meeting.

Section 3. Roles and Duties of Board Members:

President – The President shall be the official representative of the Association. The president will provide leadership to promote the goals and objectives of the Association. They will facilitate the meetings of the Board of Directors and of the membership. In the absence of the President, another board member can perform the duties as necessary.

Secretary – The Secretary will draft agendas for the Board and membership meetings. They will keep the minutes of the Board and membership meetings. They may sign and execute with the President all deeds, bonds, contracts, and other obligations or instruments, in the name of the Association.

Treasurer – The Treasurer is responsible for all funds and the investments of the Association. The Treasurer will keep books of account, deposit all funds and other valuables of the Association as designated by the Board. The Treasurer will disburse funds of the Association as requested by the Board. They will provide an account of all Association transactions at least quarterly to the Board.

Members at large - Any Board Member may head and coordinate specific Association sub-committees.



Section 1. Voluntary dues are collected from the neighborhood to support regular neighborhood association operations including annual meeting, annual picnic, and special projects approved at the annual meeting or special meetings.

Section 2. The Board of Directors may determine the amount of dues per calendar year that may be asked from each member. Said amount shall be subject to membership approval. Dues are payable once each year in April. The dues are optional and support neighborhood improvements.



Section 1. The Association shall keep current and complete books and records of account and shall keep minutes of the proceedings of its members, Board of Directors, and committees having any of the authority of the Board of Directors. All books and records of the Association may be inspected by any member for any purpose at any reasonable time.



Section 1. These by-laws may be amended by a majority vote of the members present at a neighborhood association meeting, and after not less than fifteen (15) days notice to all members that the meeting will include amending these bylaws.