incrEDible PD

No more slides and handouts! Our one-on-one partnership between a consultant and a teacher happens DURING class.

What does digital learning look like up close and personal? How can we create technology-robust, teacher-bordered classrooms?

How It Works

I partner with a teacher or team with a lesson that could stand a "digital do-over."

Over the course of a few phone calls and/or video calls, we sort through the details of standards, goals, expected outcomes and how to effectively use the technology at hand to make the magic happen.

In order to see how the lesson could be differentiated with other classes, I teach his or her classes with the upgrades we've made to the lesson.

The teacher observes, but others who are curious to see the process in action are more than welcome.

Observing teachers take notes, offer insight, and share their ideas during our deconstruction session later in the day.

Image credits courtesy of the Noun Project: Handshake by ST; Teleconference by throwaway icons; teach by vectoriconset10; Conversation by Maxim Kulikov