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What is a breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is no longer controversial nowadays. It has become normal to have your breasts enlarged. Yet it is a major operation. This article offers you all kinds of information about breast enlargement.

Why a breast augmentation?

Many women feel very insecure about their breasts. Because they are too small, too weak or ugly. Also, women often do not like their breasts after a pregnancy. Then a breast augmentation is often considered. The current fashion image also contributes to this. Big breasts are the ideal at this moment.

What exactly is a breast augmentation?

A breast augmentation is an operation in which female breasts are enlarged. A breast that is as natural as possible is constructed using prosthetic material or natural tissue. Implants are often placed, filled with silicone or with water.

How does this operation work?

A breast augmentation lasts on average about 1 to 2 hours. The prostheses are placed in the chest through a cut at the bottom of the chest, in the fold of the skin. It is also possible through a cut in the armpit or next to the nipple. The prostheses are placed between the chest muscle and the mammary gland. It is also possible that the prosthesis is placed directly under the ribs. When the operation is almost over, a special bandage is placed around the chest. This connection gives support to the breasts. Drains are applied in the wound. Drains are basically tubules that are connected to two small bottles, so that the wound fluid can be drained from the wound. In the beginning, a lot of fluid is produced by the body. When almost no moisture is produced, the drains are removed.

What are the risks of breast augmentation?

Because the implants are placed, the body reacts to this: there is something strange placed in the body. The body gives a natural reaction: this does not belong here. This is the so-called "foreign body reaction". A scar capsule is created around the prosthesis. Sometimes there are very sensitive pavements or a deposit of lime. This allows the shape of the breast to change so that a new operation is needed.

The silicone prostheses consist of plastic silicone (the outside) and a saline solution or silicone gel (the inside). Because the prosthesis can wear, the prosthesis can leak. This is also called "sweating". Because the prosthesis is leaking, the liquid flows into the body. Silicone prostheses are therefore already banned in the US. Doctors disagree about the phenomenon of "sweating" with implants.

Increase Breast Size
Increase Breast Size

Not only the prostheses pose a risk, but the operation itself can also pose a risk. Bleeding can occur as with any operation. Infections may also occur or undesirable scarring may occur.

What happens after the operation?

The recovery starts after the operation. Patients should be monitored regularly by a doctor. It is also often the case that the prostheses have to be replaced after a while.

Increase Breast Size

How much does a breast augmentation cost?

On average, silicone prostheses cost about € 4000, =. Make sure you go to a qualified plastic surgeon in a hospital or clinic. Watch out with breast enlargements abroad and always ask for an extensive consultation beforehand.