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Since 1998, writing & production team InCompany have worked with a wide range of UK artists, attracting radio, TV, publishing and record company attention along the way. We've worked with artists at every stage of their career : from acts with record deals and success in the UK singles chart, to those just starting out in the industry. 

Sorry but our Recording Studio is not currently available for general hire.


We supply live entertainment to a number of venues - our in-house producer Adam Gold is also an established live performer in his own right and has clocked up hundreds of gigs over the last decade. Please see the ADAM GOLD Web Site for more details. 

In addition to solo act format, Adam Gold also performs in a duo format with female vocalist Roxi Jay (listen on Soundcloud).


Between them, our clients cover a wide range of musical genres, acoustic singer songwriter, pop, R&B, dance and rock . Below is a list of some of our previous clients (in no particular order!)...   

Nikitah (was on Pop Idol, has supported the Human League) - Billiam - Casey Jay (ex-Dragonheart) - The Accent - Devonne - Ricky Lee L'Arturro - Dragonheart - The Casuals - DV8 - Kute - Steve Strange (ex-Visage) - Kevin Dyer - Goose - Rhiannon Atkinson - Nicole McIntyre (ex-Savage Garden) - Jenna Lane (Charlotte Church's cousin) - Donna Maria - SXC - Beth Williams - Caroline Harrison - Foxxi Ford - Cai - Danielle John - Chris Needs (DJ on BBC Radio Wales) - Gabrielle De Guia - Pretty Green - Gerry Lewis - On Anon - Marcel - Kate Sefton - Brett (365/ex-5 Boyz) - David Norton - Paul Sheppard - Graeme Osbourne - Seren - Autopilot - Maxine Barnes - Vibe Experience - Josh King Bling Bling - Music Wales - Richard Harris - Stephen Lancefield - Abaco Lipstick Records - Piper Management - Blue Zoo Records - TPF Records


Adam "Gold" Courquin (photo by Zero One)

The bubbling core and owner of InCompany is our in-house producer Adam "Gold" Courquin, who has worked his magic on commercial releases for acts such as DV8 and (No 12 Welsh Language Single Charts) and Dragonheart (No 11 chart position on UK Indie Charts). 


Below are some examples of production work for previous clients:

[LISTEN]  Real Sorry (Dyer) - Kevin Dyer : Produced by Adam "Gold" Courquin 

Taken from the album "The Morning Brings A Light" available on iTunes 

 [LISTEN]  Who's Laughing Now (Courquin/Thomas) - SMT : Produced by Adam "Gold" Courquin 

[LISTEN]  I Know (Courquin/Watts) - Jayde : Produced by Adam "Gold" Courquin 

[LISTEN]  In Your Arms(Crothers/P) - Samantha Jane : Produced by Adam "Gold" Courquin 

[LISTEN]  Love Forecast (Courquin/Medhurst) - Disalvo : Produced by Adam "Gold" Courquin 

[LISTEN]  Light Of Love (Courquin/Medhurst/Scarrett) - St Mary's School Choir : Produced by Adam "Gold" Courquin 

Taken from the EP "Light Of Love" available on iTunes 

[LISTEN]  Don't Give Up (Rowland) - Cor Casnewydd : Produced by Adam "Gold" Courquin 

Taken from the EP "Don't Give Up" available on iTunes 

[LISTEN]  Fade 2 Grey (B.Currie/M.Ure/C.Payne) - DV8 featuring Steve Strange : Produced by Adam "Gold" Courquin 

[LISTEN]  Don't You Know (John/Montgomery/Courquin) - Danielle John : Produced by Adam "Gold" Courquin 

[LISTEN]  Grounded (Courquin/Davies/Davies) - Kute : Produced by Adam "Gold" Courquin 

[LISTEN]  More Than An Apology (Courquin/Harries/Rhodes) - Rhodes : Produced by Adam "Gold" Courquin & Rachel Harries 

Single formerly available on iTunes.

[LISTEN]  Too Easy (Courquin) - Nikitah : Produced by Adam "Gold" Courquin 

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