After a short life as an Amazon Alexa skill and Google Assistant action, the sponsoring organization has decided to shut down Inbound Asteroid. The project began as a proof-of-concept of consumer-level Interactive Voice Assistant technologies, directed toward understanding their hidden difficulties and rewards and finding a platform-agnostic solution. At first this took the form of a very simple Amazon Alexa skill that accepted a phrase like "Ask Steve why Tony hates Mondays" and returned a randomized phrase like "Tony hates Mondays because he went to the dentist and they forgot the anaesthesia." From there the project moved on to making music out of Alexa's swear filter, then to finding craft beer descriptions, and finally to what we now know as Inbound Asteroid - retrieving information about space rocks that might kill us.

Despite 100% 5-star reviews on the Amazon Alexa storefront, the organization felt the $10/mo for server time was too much to bear and the project has been terminated as of 1/23/2017.