All Energy Efficient products are approved under the Victorian Energy Upgrades Scheme and must be listed on the public register.

Onsemi Highbay

The Onsemi 3030 series LED high bay is a premium sensory LED high bay. Unlike other high bays with sensors, the 3030 is never actually switched off, only dimmed until motion is detected. Designed for applications of 5 metres or more.

LED Panel

LED panels are commonly found in office and retail environments and are a suitable replacement for T8 and T5 troffer fittings generally found in grid ceilings.

Available in a range of wattage's varying from 18w - 24w

Surface mount kits are available.

LED Shoplight

Emerald Planet’s Rectangular Shop Light is carefully engineered with the most advanced LED innovations and the highest quality components to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

All models have a wide face-plate for easy installation.

With a rotatable lens the shoplight can be rotated to cast optimal light distribution.

And many more...

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