About us

Australian owned and operated, we specialize in providing our customers with the highest quality LED products and A Grade Electrical installation services to their Home & Business premise. With over 15 years of electrical experience we can ensure all our customers are getting the best energy efficient products for their application. All products under the Victorian Energy Upgrades Scheme must go under extensive testing before becoming available for upgrades. In2 Energy has a large successful service team of fully qualified contractors situated across Victoria

About Victorian energy upgrades

The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme, promoted to consumers as the Victorian Energy Upgrades program, is not a rebate scheme, but it can save you or your organisation money. It works by allowing certain businesses, known as accredited persons, to create certificates when they help you make selected energy efficiency improvements to your premises, or those of your business/organisation. Each certificate - known as a Victorian energy efficiency certificate or VEEC - represents one tonne of greenhouse gas abated. The money the accredited business makes from selling its certificates can go towards a discount on the product or appliance installed. For further information please visit the www.victorianenergysaver.vic.gov.au website.