Improving Customer Satisfcation in your Veterinary Practice

I am going to share some tips with you on how your Veterinary practice can improve overall customer satisfaction.

Reception Area

Displaying Animal Names

Have you ever thought of welcoming your customers that have appointments by displaying their animal names in your reception area on a board? The owners love this, and it shows that you care about their pets

Scheduled Appointments

If your customers are waiting to see the Veterinarian and they are running late with their scheduled appointments, remember to keep the customers informed to avoid customers becoming aggravated with the situation

Update Information

When your customer visits your practice, make sure your reception staff update the customer/animal database with, for example, email addresses, change of address, animals that passed away etc. This will prevent them from asking questions that are no longer relevant.

Do Not Rush

Take your time with your customers. Make them feel welcome and do not rush, even if your practice is very busy. Always smile, even if you are having a bad day.

Staff Names

It is a good idea to have a board in your reception area, with names and photos of your staff. This will help your customers learning to know your staff.

Veterinary Appointment

Displaying Animal Names

As mentioned in a previous tip, regarding the reception area, have the animal names of those with appointments for the day, up on a board in your examination room. This is the first step of building a relationship with the owner and knowing the pet's name.


Educating your customers plays a huge role in your veterinary practice. Customers often seek information about various topics e.g. neutering/spaying, non-related illnesses e.g. cleaning of teeth, face folds etc.A good idea is to have copies of educational brochures in your practice about different health topics for your customers to browse through/educate themselves with while waiting for their appointment.

Examing Pet

It is always a good idea to keep your customer informed about what you are going to do while examining their pet. This gives the customer a sense of comfort about knowing what is happening and that their pets are in good hands.

Building Rapport

Continue to build rapport with your customer, even after the examination is complete. A good idea is to accompany your customer back to the reception area to add a personal touch.


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