My Work

Professional Background

I am an internationally experienced director, engineer and project manager. Both my degree in mechanical engineering and masters in economics have given me a unique perspective on technology and business. My background in mechatronic furniture and manufacturing have allowed me to work with a diverse suite of components, materials, manufacturing processes, and industries across the world. Both in high volume and low volume production scenarios. My products have been sold in over 30 countries across nearly every continent.

In recent years, I have built the eCommerce startup company Yaasa from the ground up.

Scroll down to see some of the most recent projects I have worked on.

The Yaasa Infinity & Elements Blankets

Using a blend of sustainable materials, I created a blanket that has been clinically tested to improve blood flow. I was inspired by the material called Celliant that was used as an inner liner in the wetsuit I used for surfing. I wanted to deliver this technology to a larger audience in a sustainable, yet luxurious format. I traveled all over the world to assemble a supply chain from fiber to fabric and we brought it to market on the Kickstarter platform.

The Yaasa Adjustable Bed

In collaboration with an international engineering team, I designed an adjustable bed like no other. Adjustable beds often have a negative stigma and association with hospitals. I sought to change that perception by creating a new industry benchmark and a launching pad for mechatronic furniture in eCommerce.

The Complete Yaasa Mattress Lineup

I created a line of mattresses which covered a range of firmness and comfort styles. Using the latest in environmentally friendly foam materials, custom textiles and fabrication techniques, I launched a line of mattresses that were not only incredibly comfy, but implemented new manufacturer techniques that allowed us to manufacture-to-order and packaged to easily ship anywhere in North America.

The Yaasa Adjustable Desk

Working with an international team, my colleagues and I developed a new kind of adjustable desk targeted for home use and an eCommerce sales platform. Where all electronics and structural elements are integrated into a custom honeycomb work surface, resulting in a refined and minimized appearance. In the process of bringing this product to the European market we brought online an entirely new factory.