Assistant Professor of Marketing

Warwick Business School (WBS)

Warwick University, UK

E: Iman.Ahmadi[at]

Research interests: Pricing, Competition Analysis, Machine Learning, Big Markets, E-Commerce


Ahmadi, Iman, Bernd Skiera, Anja Lambrecht, and Florian Heubrandner (2017), “Time Preferences and the Pricing of Complementary Durables and Consumables,” International Journal of Research in Marketing, 34 (4), 813-828 (doi).


Ahmadi, Iman, Daniel Ringel, and Bernd Skiera, “New Product Cannibalization and its Varying Impact on New Product Success,” Journal of Marketing (Resubmitted).

Presented at: Doctoral Colloquium (2015), Riezlern (Austria); 44th EMAC Conference (2015), Leuven (Belgium)*; 37th ISMS Marketing Science Conference (2015), Baltimore (USA)*; 5th Theory + Practice in Marketing Conference (2015), Atlanta (USA)*; University of New South Wales (2015), Sydney (Australia)*; Doctoral Colloquium (2016), Frankfurt am Main (Germany); Deakin University (2016), Melbourne (Australia)* (* presented by co-authors)

Abstract: Although firms commonly use market share to measure new product success, this measure may overstate new product success in that it does not consider cannibalization of a brand’s existing products. The authors propose a new approach for decomposing a new product’s market share into its constituent sources (i.e., the market share that other products lose to the new product) in markets consisting of hundreds of products and dozens of new product launches. Along with a new conceptual framework for new product cannibalization, the authors investigate the impact of different types of cannibalization on new product success. In an empirical study of the automobile global positioning system (GPS) market, they find that, on average, new products draw 51.15% of their market share from same-brand products. They observe high levels of heterogeneity across new products: cannibalization rates range from 7.66% to 94.99%. Products most affected are new-generation products and those of same or higher product tiers. The authors find considerable differences across new products with regard to sources of new product market share and types of new product cannibalization and conclude that a case-by-case evaluation of new product success is necessary.


Maleki, Elham, Iman Ahmadi, Nadia Abou Nabout, and Bernd Skiera, “Value of Targeting Based on Third-Party Data in Online Advertising,” Work in progress.

Presented at: Doctoral Colloquium (2017), Frankfurt am Main (Germany); 46th EMAC Conference (2017), Groningen (The Netherlands)* (* presented by co-authors)

Invited to Present at: 39th ISMS Marketing Science Conference (2015), Los Angeles (USA)

Abstract: Traditional marketing channels, e.g. television or radio, do not allow advertisers to target a specific consumer based on its interests and shopping behavior. The same has been true for many years in traditional, untargeted banner advertisements on the Internet. New targeting techniques allow advertisers to reach consumers with specific interests by using data about their past browsing and online shopping behavior. Nowadays, advertisers can even purchase various audience segments, which are group of consumers interested in the same topic or having similar demographics, from third-party data providers for their targeted advertising campaigns. This research aims to examine the true value of targeted advertising using third-party data. We propose a new model, which estimates the true value of an audience segment provided by third-party data providers to an advertiser. Further, we use a field experiment to show the accuracy of our model in providing advertisers with a decision regarding purchasing an audience segment.

Ahmadi, Iman, “The Effect of Elevation in Competition on Markets for Credence Goods: An Investigation on the NYC Taxis,” Work in progress.

Presented at: Doctoral Colloquium (2017, 2018), Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

Janze, Christian, Iman Ahmadi, and Felix Lutsch, “Distributed Ledger Technology Adoption: The Case of the Financial Industry,” Work in progress.

Ahmadi, Iman, “Pricing of Complementary Products and Time Preferences,” Work in progress.