Meet unique characters.

Giant puppets creators based in Montreal, Canada.

Our characters are mysterious travelers ... At the same time enthusiastic and a little clumsy, they appear at ephemeral moments, discovering step by step the world around them and inviting us to enter an imaginary universe ..

Our realisations



Waykarü is a playful and extravagant character from an other world. Although a little awkward with its long legs and large tail, Waykaru is very excited to discover the world around him. He enjoys interactions with people and is certainly very sociable and playful! From Waykaru's eyes, our world is very intriguing !

Crédit photo: Benoit Rousseau - Festival marionnettes plein la rue



Grumpy vagabond, inbetween grotesque and comic, Aroldo has a well-assumed personality! He roams the streets, without worrying too much about conventions. Seeking to fulfill his needs and desires, he does not hesitate to meet people and look for things that interest him... even in their pockets! Aaaah Aroldo, what a funny weirdo...

Crédit photo: Canopée média - FIAMS



Character inspired by the popular Mexican arts Alebrije (sculptures evoking mythical characters). Alebrije is a giant and grandiose creature, as he travels through our world he discover humans.

Crédit photo: Canopée média - FIAMS



Ginka will soon make her first steps in our world. This character is inspired by the forces of nature. Ginka carries strange little beings with her ... Is it she who protects them, where they cling to her?

Past events


Coming soon!


  • FIAMS - Festival international des arts de la marionnettes à Saguenay Web
  • Festin de los munecos / Guadalajara Web
  • PIF - International Puppet Theatre Festival of Zagreb Web
  • JAMC - Journées des arts de la marionnette à Carthage / Tunis Web
  • OUF! Festival Off Casteliers / Montréal Web
  • Journée des musées montréalais / Montréal Web
  • Soirée Démystik 3 / Sherbrooke Web
  • Animation / Montréal - CDN-NDG
  • Animation / Montréal - Saint-Laurent
  • Animation / Montréal - Coup d'pousse Web
  • La Falla de St-Michel / Montréal - TOHU Web
  • FAR Festival des arts de ruelle / Montréal Web
  • Toronto international Buskerfest for Epilepsy / Toronto Web
  • Waterloo Busker Carnival / Waterloo Web
  • Marche des flambeaux / Montréal

And more!

2018 and before

  • Festival marionnettes plein la rue (x2) / Montréal - Canada Website
  • (FIAMS) Festival internationnal des arts de la marionnettes à Saguenay / Saguenay - Canada Website
  • Festival des arts de ruelles (FAR) / Montréal - Canada Website
  • Saison de théâtre insolite / Trois-Rivières - Canada Website

Imagicario in your event



We animate street ambulatory shows:

  • Puppets festivals
  • Street theatre festivals
  • Busker festivals
  • City celebrations
  • Public markets



We offer various workshops. Here are some examples:

  • Collective Giant Puppet Workshops
  • Stilts for kids



We can participate in your corporate events, private parties, festivals and more:

  • Receive the visit of our caracters
  • Let our puppets do your promotion
  • Stilts performances

We can offer customized activities according to your needs. We adapt to location, type of audience and scale of events.

Tell us about your project, we have endless ideas!

Our group

We are giant puppet creators, a team based in Montreal, Quebec. We design, manufacture, and animate unusual characters. Our puppets stand out by their size, personality and originality. Our team originates from Peru and Canada.

Our mission is to create magic moments by innovating and entertaining in public places accessible to all. We awaken the curiosity of spectators with extravagant characters, transporting them for a moment in an imaginary world, where anything is possible ... Our performances are fun, inclusive and interactive.

Looking forward to sharing our universe!

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Montréal, Qc

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