From Chapter 2, Meta Modern Era by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

#29 Immorality in Life is a Mistake

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

However, the worst type of freedom we are suffering from in modern times is the freedom to lead an immoral life. You can marry one person, sleep with another, flirt with a third one and create children with a fourth. ... ...

If promiscuity were a very natural, normal and good thing, then why is it that people are now suffering from life-destroying diseases, which are directly due to this kind of lifestyle? Why is there jealousy? Every day the very newspapers that support and defend the freedom of permissiveness are full of reports of violence, of women killing their husbands, of husbands killing their wives, of lovers killing their lovers' lovers. ... ...

It is quite obvious that promiscuity leads to unhappiness, disease and death and that we have to do something to check its spread. But the problem is that legislation and education can only achieve very little. People just have to know where to stop. But this control, this compulsion, has to come from within. This means you have to have a spiritual awakening. The spirit has to come into your attention.

A person who is a realised soul doesn't like anything that takes him to extremes. A realised soul is actually a person whose life is in balance. He is in the centre because whenever his attention gets out of balance, it is brought back to the centre by the light of his spirit. And such a person has his feet on Mother Earth. Such a person, by his very nature, has to be practical, pragmatic, wise and detached. Such a person simply cannot form habits and cannot take to something that is stupid, idiotic and destructive.