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The problem of copyright piracy for song works in the world has reached its lowest point. It’s easy for us to get songs in Mp3 format illegally , whether it’s downloading file-sharing services , copying from friends , or buying them from roadside DVD stalls.

Even artists and labels are confused by this problem. Various anti-piracy campaigns and other steps to prevent piracy have been intensively carried out

For those of you who have thick pockets, of course , have no problem being able to buy and enjoy songs. But for those of you who have limited funds and not enough to buy a CD , is the solution ? download k-pop songs for free ! ( and legal of course ).

It’s easy to download songs on llkpop – There are many song provider sites on the internet various songs were presented. For song lovers, of course , they are very happy with sites that provide that. Moreover, this can be said for free. Who doesn’t like free ? surely everyone likes it. So. This is certainly a fun thing to explore.

In this regard, each site certainly presents various features for its visitors . From good design to things that can make visitors feel at home on the site. However , no matter how good the site is , it would be nice if it was accessed easier and less difficult , especially for downloading songs. Because it cannot be denied that some sites that take quite a long time to load what they are looking for , mainly due to a large number of advertisements.

The convenience provided by the site is certainly very appreciated by visitors . who doesn’t like easy things ? must be everyone. Just imagine. If a site is opened and it takes a long time to load, or when downloading turns out to be so complicated , then get ready for the site to be abandoned. And the bad thing , no one will visit again.

For that matter , then any site with alacrity to pamper its visitors . That is make it easier for visitors , of course like the description above, of course , to make visitors happy and will feel at home there. And hopefully, visitors can visit again and will recommend to other friends . Well, maybe this is what makes “IIkpop“ site provide that.

IIkpop Net is an application that contains song X1 which is equipped with lyrics , song X1 lyrics also provides popular video clips delivered by X1.

X1 is a new corner boy group formed through the survival program produce X 101 . Produce X 101 is attended by 101 trainees from various agencies and independent , including trainees who have debuted , both solo and as members of a boy group. After that 12 episodes were completed ,11 trainees who debuted as members of X1 were selected , namely Seung Woo Seung Yeon , Kim Woo Seok , Kim Yo Han , Lee Han Gyul , Cha Jun Ho Sang , Song Hyeong Jun and Nam Do Hyun.

Table of contents ;

  1. Song X1 Flash

  2. Song X1 u got it

  3. Song X1 I am here for you

  4. Song X1 Move

  5. Song X1 Like always

There are still many people who like Korean smells. From songs , video music , dramas , even films . Sometimes many people are willing to buy the DVD to be able to watch what they want . It is also undeniable that those who like to surf have fun looking through there too . it just like me . I also like to search the internet , even bought the DVD , even though it’s an old drama, chordtela.

So because of that , I looked for a lot of links to make it easy to get them. However , searching on Google caused me to get bored. Most of every link I open the content is to heavy so the loading process takes a long time. Until finally . I met a link that was simple and easy for me to access. In addition , the link is also easy to do on a normal cellphone (

(not Android, the important thing is to be able to access the internet). Apart from that point, there are additional points too, namely, the song is so updated.

Apart from song issues, there were also songs from Japan. There are MVs, OSTs, and you can also request songs there. The file size is also quite supportive of internet connoisseurs who still rely on mobile data. So the point is, there is no need to wait for a long loading to open the MV like on YouTube because it will display the MV that can be downloaded immediately.

Well, that's the advantage that I can convey. So, next time I will share how to download songs there

Open a new tab in the browser, then click, or click the following link:

  1. In the search column, please write the song title and artist name. Then what you are looking for will appear.

  2. After a song is searched for, then click on the song. Or if you don't want to click directly on the tab, then you can open a new tab by right-clicking first and then click the open new tab

According to the picture in number 3, continue by clicking 'Download Here'. If clicked, it will appear as shown below.

How, easy, how to download the song? Before finishing this article, I will convey some of the advantages and disadvantages of this website.

  • More updates in terms of songs.

  • The file size is small. So, enough for the lower level connoisseurs.

The shortcomings of the

  • MV is preferred. So, it's not updated.

  • For dramas, it still takes time for the Indonesian sub (if this depends on the admin). Honestly, it doesn't matter because my network is not very supportive