In the News!

In The News!

"Although I am cheering for Canucks.....i kind of like Joe Thornton...something about the name......"

~ Joe Thornton, San Jose Sharks on

"Demi- yea but I kind of Nick- uh.... You have to talk about that with Selena I dont give good advise. Demi-(giggles) kay so you wanna hang ..."

~ YouTube - Jemi Story Ep.6 (In Description)

"I kind of like Joe Lieberman and hope the blogger burns in hell. Having said that, the threat should read 'whom.'"

~Blogger charged with threatening to - News Forum - Thread

"I kind of like Joe. Halfway smart stoner douchebag OUT! Post Extras: Print Post ... I kind of likeJoe. Halfway smart stoner douchebag OUT! Yeah, I wasn't going ..."

~SurferMag Message Boards: Joe Rogan makes a compelling case

"Crystal: I kind of like Joe and Zayn at the same time. Justin: Who do you like more?"

~This Kind of Love- One Direction Story Ep. 15 - YouTube