Flip-Flop Sticker: Force-to-Motion Type 3DoF Input Device for Capacitive Touch Surface


Kaori Ikematsu, Masaaki Fukumoto, Itiro Siio

池松香, 福本雅朗, 椎尾一郎

We propose “Flip-Flop Sticker”, a novel force-to-motion type input device enabling 3DoF operations. Similar to the pointing stick (TrackPoint), Flip-Flop Sticker provides force-sensitive inputs by micromotions of a finger. Flip-Flop Sticker has a seesaw-like mechanism, that is, a pivot point is attached to the bottom of the device. When pressure force is applied to the -Z pointing head, the device is slanted around the pivot point so that “flip-flop” force feedback is generated to a primary operation finger. In addition, the Z-axis motions (+Z and -Z) are orthogonal. This structure realizes both low fatigue and intuitive operations for Z-axis.

Flip-Flop Stickerは指先の微細運動で操作可能なForce-to-Motion方式の入力を提供する.Flip-Flop Stickerは2つの操作部を持ち,それぞれの押し込みがZ軸方向の正負の操作に対応している.この底部にシーソーのような構造を設けることで,-Z方向の操作(-Zポインティングヘッド押下)を行った際に入力部が僅かに傾斜し“Flip Flop”する(上下する)力覚フィードバックを操作指へ提示する.これにより,疲労を増すこと無く直感的なZ軸操作を実現する.