ij.start.cannon - Guidelines for Canon Setup, Driver Download, and Installation

Canon is a big known name in the imaging and optical industries. It offers an excellent make of lenses, cameras, printers, and many more goods. The printers that it provides are compatible and feature-packed. As a result, they make an outstanding choice for the users either in the office or at home. The sleek designs, modern look, and lightweight Canon printers are easy to carry from one place to another and even quick to set up.

Moreover, the Canon printers are most widely used worldwide. They offer high-quality printing and even save your ink which makes its use an affordable one. If you are juggling to buy the best printer in the budget, go for Canon printers. There are apt models available in the market that you can choose as per your utility or uses. Also, do not worry about their setup and installation. Just refer to this post. Here we have explained the complete process from setup to the installation of ij.start.cannon.

Canon Printer Setup Guidelines

  • The Canon printer comes in a sealed box. The users are first advised to unseal the box and take the printer out of it.

  • Then, you must take out all the components inside the box that includes cables, user-manual, cartridges, etc.

  • After that, pull out the polystyrene packaging and orange-colored tapes, if any.

  • Remove all the protective plastic covers from your printer's display.

  • Now, for the setup of hardware, you have to find the power socket on the printer.

  • Then, put in the power cord to the printer's port and to the wall's electrical panel.

  • After that, turn on your Canon printer by pushing the power button to start the ij.start.cannon setup process.

  • As a result, the display light of the printer will get on.

  • Next, you have to insert the ink tanks.

  • Hence, pull out the cartridges and remove their seal and covers.

  • Then, move the top cover of your printer. Doing this will adjust the print-head carriage automatically.

  • Now, hold all the cartridges and adjust them into their respective slots.

  • Further, close your printer's top cover.

  • As a result, your printer will make some noises.

  • It indicates that the ink cartridge installation is getting complete.

  • At last, you have to insert the pages in the paper tray. Therefore, open the flap at the back of your printer and pull out the paper tray.

  • Hold the papers and load them into the feeder.

  • After that, push the tray to fit it properly into its respective slot.

This way, your Canon printer is set. Now, you can move further with the process of ij.start.cannon for downloading your printer's driver.

Canon Printer Driver Download Guidelines

  • First, you have to turn on your system.

  • Then, enable a WiFi connection.

  • Next, open a secure internet browser.

  • For this, you can make choices from Edge Chromium, Opera, Chrome, Safari, etc.

  • Then, you have to go straight to the page ij.start.cannon as it gives you free access to get suitable Canon printer drivers.

  • Therefore, type the same in your search bar and push the enter key to begin the search.

  • As a result, you will see the setup tab, which is needed to click to visit the 'product selection' window.

  • Therefore, tap the setup and go to the next step.

  • After the page is launched, you will see a search field in the screen's middle. You have to fill it with your printer's model number.

  • Therefore, check your printer's model number and provide the same in the given field.

  • After that, click on the 'go' button.

  • It results in getting to the ij.start.cannon printer driver download window.

  • Now, check the OS twice and modify if there is a requirement to do so.

  • Then, hit the 'download' button to initiate the driver downloading process.

  • After that, the downloading process for your printer's suitable driver will start.

  • After the process fulfills, you will get the 'save file' option.

  • You can do it as per your choice.

Canon Printer Installation Guidelines

  • To start with the installation process, go to the setup file of ij.start.cannon. Find the same in the folder where you have saved it.

  • Then, run the file. For this, have a double-click on the same.

  • As a result, the Canon program's main installer window will open.

  • Here, you have to verify the language and region.

  • In case you find the details being untrue, then update them immediately.

  • After that, click on the 'next' option to switch the 'printer detection' window.

  • Since your printer is already connected with your system, you will see your printer's name on the screen.

  • However, if you do not find that name, check the wired or non-wired connection.

  • Then, choose the printer and move to the software list window for ij.start.cannon file installation.

  • Now, the software installation window will display multiple checkboxes, including easy-web, print ex, MP drivers, users manual, XPS drivers, etc.

  • Hence, mark all those options and click on the 'next' button.

  • After that, the license agreement window will pop up. View the same and approve the agreement by clicking on the 'yes' button.

  • Now, permit the driver installation.

  • As a result, the software installation process will start.

  • After the process is done, tap the 'finish' button to move out of the wizard.


We have provided straightforward guidelines to assist you in carrying on the procedures of ij.start.cannon setup, driver download, and installation. Therefore, follow the steps carefully without skipping even a single to avoid issues.