Date: 2/28/2018

2018 Boys soccer rosters:

JVC Team

2. Lupse, Marcus

4. Sarrmon, Kainoa

6. Belanger, Trevor

8. Critchfield, Jack

11. Tishkevich, Victor

12. Lazar, Elijah

14. Sedlack, Peter

16. Dennis, Cameron

17. Chytil, Mathew

18. Singer, Warren

20. Saviello, Maxwell

21. Graves, Mason

22. Smith, Jack

23. Sheely, Cole

24. Rueckert, Nicolas

27. Klein, Ben

32. Fichera, Patrizio

35. Bakker, Karel

38. Heningete, Steen

59. Jackson, Marquis

80. Benis, John

Junior Varsity

10. Ponce, Bruno

25. Amedson, Alex

26. Beck, Thor

31. Guo, Brian

33. Fichera, Paolo

41. Lau, Alexander

42. Baciu, Florin

46. Cho, Caleb

52. Calvert, George

58. Clemans, Charles

60. Eum, Daniel

63. Jeske, Camden

64. Carragher, Ryan

65. Kovac, Luka

66. Webber, William

68. Hikida, Ryan

77. Morlin, Liam

79. Barrett, Ryan

81. Touhy, Ryan


29. Cooper, Jordan

50. Oen, Harrison

51. Oen, Dawson

53. Crenshaw, Taiga

54. Jun, Nicholas

56. Williams, Grant

55. Nardi, Gage

57. Eskenazi, Daniel

61. Underwood, Joseph

67. Hancock, Quinn

62. Dye, Torin

69. Mele, Trevor

70. Herman, Gavin

71. Kim, Jeremiah

72. O'Dea, Cathal

73. Butler, Charles

74. Barsher, Jacob

75. Higgins, Jack

76. Vanoni, Adrian

78. Lee, Joshua

85. Bell, Eric

86. Howard, Gage

89. Pelaez, Bruno

Date: 2/15/2018

Boys Soccer Tryouts:

Tryouts will begin February 26th. Students need to make sure all registration forms have been submitted and they have received a yellow slip from the office. All players will need the yellow slip the first day of tryouts.

Tryout session 1 will include all freshman and Sophomores. Start time is 3:15 pm Monday 2/26.

Tryout session 2 will include all Juniors, Seniors, returning Junior Varsity and Varsity players. Start time is 4:15 pm Monday 2/26.

Tryouts are evaluated by our staff and volunteers. It is our mission to ensure an equal opportunity for all students to demonstrate their abilities and potential. Players are evaluated on the following criteria:

1. Team cohesion i.e. fit within the larger picture of the team structure.

2. On field decision making skills i.e. how they use space.

3. Technical abilities i.e. the success rate to execute decisions in different size spaces.

4. Physical abilities i.e. finding a level that fits each student's physical abilities.

Soccer is a tryout sport at Issaquah High school. We have 56 - 60 roster spots available each year. First cuts will be announced on 2/28 by 11:59 pm. The second, and final, round of cuts will happen on 3/3 by 11:59 pm. Each roster will be posted to the announcements section of the website.

Date: 2/15/2018

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