IHPartners support your business....

IHPartners serves all or parts of the company's IT solutions, from smartphones, tablets and PCs to your multifunction printers and servers. We upgrade and support your IT department or organization, if you only for a period or full time want assistance.

IHPartners provide ad hoc consulting services, Help desk or desk site function or similar, In a shorter or longer period. This may typically be associated with internal peak loads, e.g. During vacation, company grow or in need of special skills.

When problem or errors arise, our nationwide employees readiness are happy to help with support onsite at your location.

We tailor a complete solution that takes into account your needs, so IHPartners employees supports your company's overall IT solution

IT Support (B&F, H&E, SBD,NBD,CS, IMAC)

  • Installation and configuration of computer hardware, software, systems, networks, printers, scanners and more
  • Planning and company's planned upgrades and maintenance
  • To talk with customers and computer users to determine the nature of problems
  • React to crash
  • Investigate, diagnose and solve computer software and hardware errors
  • Repair of equipment and replacement of parts
  • Call-out tasks
  • Ensure compliance with occupational safety legislation
  • Control of computer equipment
  • Maintain records of hardware and software licenses
  • Manages stock of equipment, help materials and other components.
  • Switching and availability may be necessary, especially when computer equipment is in continuous 24-hour operation.
  • Communication between user and company
  • Alm. IT support and dianogetization occurred
  • Upgrade of software products
  • Support for MAC