About us

IH partners was started by senior IT consultants who have been in their respective industries for over 35 years. This experience is used to help companies when they need the right solution for optimize, performance and price effectiveness from the first day.

It is important for the founders to use their knowledge in collaboration with juniors and seniors in different tasks. It is expressed in close cooperation that many companies have benefited while giving the youngsters a better start to working life than the previous generations who helped to start EDB development in Danish companies.

As a socially proven company, management is pleased to find that the youth, in collaboration with experienced senior consultants, offers so much energy and knowledge that there is no reason to worry about the youth's abilities and opportunitiesatn

IH Partners are working closely together with forreign international service providers with providing IT supporters, project management and highly skilled national and international IT consultants from IH Partners own staff.


The company is exclusively owned by senior consultants, which in experience believe that the very interaction between IT and HR now and in the future will be one of the decisive factors for successful supplier, customer and employee collaboration.

One of the company's goals is to deliver top services at reasonable prices while focusing on training and training with real-time tasks for business, IT and HR students from universities. Such an education team always consists of min. 1 senior consultant with several students or juniors.

The business is grown about the opportunities IH Partners have created.