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Team Leasing

Tomorrow’s global business services model is multifunctional, fully integrated, end-to-end process which can transform your business .

Cost savings remains a key objective, but now the target is also to achieve benefits

B2B Consultants (domestic and foreign)

It can be very time consuming and complicated to find the best self-employed consultants or researchers. For this reason, IH Partners has built up a staff of own employees who are certified and highly qualified consultants ready to help your business.

IH Partners has consultants covering several areas, such as infrastructure, ERP, development and maintenance.

IH Partners delivers fast, whether it's shorter or longer-term tasks.

Leasing specialists for IT projects

The IT teamLeasing service offers hireable specialists for IT tasks to operate within a client’s premises, both for long and short periods. It is an ideal solution for projects with a certain duration that requires various competencies at different stages of the project and where the employment of a skilled worker is not justified from a business standpoint.

B2B Shared services, outsourcing and Support

IH Partners team of IT supporters are ready to help onsite for short or longer periods. with (B & F, H & E, CS, IMAC)

IH Partners are your new IT support organisation or just your helping hand.

IH Partners deliver IT floorwalkers and certified IT supporters with their extensive knowledge.

IH Partners help with security, Ransomware cleaning, Offshore support, Upgrades, Deployments, network and server maintenance.

IH Partners are always ready to fit in where the tasks or problems are.

IH Partners IT Supporters are ready 24*7*365,

Team Leasing for IT Support

Body Leasing – Team leasing – Outsourcing works generally in Time and Material mode. Customer is charged per hour and we take care of the equipment, workplace, trainings, coffee and apples.

You can outsource a smaller task to an individual developer, compile a team of individually selected persons for a larger project or trust us to compile a Team for you. In most long term cooperations, our customers trust us to compile them a team of competent persons and manage all knowledge transfers when replacements need to be made.