CYO Board


Father Casey


Mike McBride

Boys Athletic Director:

Jim Jamison

Girls Athletic Director:

Bill Hanigan

Social Director:

Laura Kuneck

Religion Director:

Beth Snyder

Scouting Director:

Chuck Harvey

Technology Admin:

Patty Toal

Board Member Emeritus

Bill Salvatore

Deb Mahler

Player Eligibility

A player is eligible to participate in IHM CYO sports if he or she:

(1) Attends IHM School (regardless of parish or religion)

(2) Attends other school (public, private, or home school) and is a member of one of the IHM parishes:

Holy Family

St. John's

St. Bridget's

Parish pastors may require players who attend a non-Catholic school to attend their parish PREP program.

Parish exceptions are made for:

- Merged teams from another parish (another CYO officially partnering with IHM CYO)

- If other parish's CYO does not offer a sport that we offer, and that CYO is not affiliating with another CYO for that sport. In this case, a letter of permission must be obtained from the administrating pastor of IHM CYO. Contact us at knightscyo@gmail.com for details.

Please contact us at knightscyo@gmail.com before registering for a sport if you are not certain about eligibility.

Coaching Requirements

Anyone interested in coaching/volunteering for IHM CYO is required, by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, to do the following to be approved.

Submit a State Police Background Check (No older than 5 years) to an IHM CYO Athletic Director - Online Request/Form

Submit a Department of Welfare Child Abuse Clearance (No older than 5 years) to an IHM CYO Athletic Director - Download Form

All new head coaches and assistant coaches must take the following online Coaching Essentials course before coaching - Online Course

Attend a Safe Environment Workshop (Protecting God's Children). To do this, visit Virtus Online and click on the Registration link.

Complete the online Safe Environment Mandated Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse component at the Archdiocese Office for Child and Youth Protection site.

Attend a Coaches Orientation Session and turn in a copy of the certificate to an IHM CYO Athletic Director - Course Schedule