Budget 2019

Expense Budget Adopted for 2019 Operations

APPROVED: The Proposed 2019 Expense Budget to the Board at the January 26th Meeting, reflects around a $12,000 reduction in spending compared to the 2018 Working Budget. This consideration is due to the downward trend in individual stewardship donations and the natural attrition of donated land for use, within the sustainability project - we lost 10.6 Acres for 2019 with no additions on the horizon. An expected decrease in grown produce for food donation offerings is planned as well to help compensate for down trending stewardship monies. At this writing it is anticipated: 5 Acres Potatoes, .5 Acre Carrots maybe, 0 Acres Sweet Corn and no other food crops. Only an immediate influx of stewardship funding, and additional land for use, prior to final Spring commitment, would change the present situation at this January 26th approved Expense Budget publication. At this point, it's all about supporting the potato project in 2019 and forward through 2020 growing season. It is true we finally "made" budget for 2018 and finished the year in the black, by the grace of a single large donation in December from St. John's ELC Congregation, Boyertown. Without "John's" and GBFB PASS Funding substantially thrusting us forward stewardship wise, we would be in a very shaky operational situation. As we have no reliable funding or endowment sources, and rely totally on the care and kindness of the community who care enough to help hungry neighbors in need, we could just as well have finished the 2018 year $12,500 in the red as a shortfall situation. Hence the $12K Budget reduction based from what was adjusted spending in 2018, for this 2019 budget year of operations.

-/WaltZ, President

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The 2018 Expense Budget was adopted at $47,147.95. Adaptive adjusted spending in 2018 was $50,288.45 per above, which by the end of the 2018 year, was covered with a positive margin of $5,318. It is noted that Repairs category ran high as all tractors required dealer service, some twice in 2018 as an anomaly. Capital Equipment expenditures were exercised to opportunity and available stewardship, while the Grower Supply segment, and Fuel (savings due to No-till conversion) showed substantial savings over historical expenditure predictions in 2018. It should be noted that the opportunities to acquire CAPEX Equipment has been an ongoing effort to become more self-sustaining in our operations as feasible.

To comment; we need more Land for Use and Stewardship monies moving forward.

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