Harvest 2018

IHartHarvest, Inc. – The Potato Project - In 2018

What Happened From The Field in 2018

The NUMBERS are IN for 2018s Harvest:

  • SWEET CORN: 11,907 Pounds,
  • CARROTS: 8,568 Pounds,
  • POTATOES: 71,857 Pounds,
  • 92,332 Pounds Total - ALL FOR LOCAL HUNGRY NEIGHBORS IN NEED. Weather conditions stiffiled the potato and carrot crops this year.
  • We reached a calculated 14,371 families, being 37,078 souls in the region with that circulated harvest in 2018. (Inclusive for Sweet Corn & Carrots)
  • This harvest in 2018 being valued at: $70,172 @ $.76/pound.
  • Harvest of Field Corn and new for 2018 Soybeans will help to help start the 2019 Budget Season which will be our 11th year of charitable operations.
  • 167 volunteers came in April to help cut Seed Potatoes for the 2018 Planting Season, 50 were Air Products Session.
  • 516 volunteers came to help with Harvest for Sweet Corn in August through Carrots & Potatoes in Fall. 150 were in the Alvernis Session!
  • 683 Volunteers in all.

All for local hungry neighbors in need.

Well Done Everyone !

  • Sustainability crops - Field Corn: 3,659 Bushel.
    • Lost 13 Acres of Conventional Field Corn.
  • Soybeans: 539Bu.
    • Lost full production of 1.75Acres Soybeans about 59Bu., due to pirate sprayer error.

Kennebec Seed Potatoes were provided by Ed Shenk of Weaver's Ace Hardware Fleetwood! Please frequent WEAVER'S!

Fertilizer for the potatoes was provided by Albright's Mill, Gary Wessner & Family, Kempton! Please frequent ALBRIGHT'S!