GROW is a cooperative learning community rooted in the principles of Self-Directed Education and Natural Learning.

We utilize an intentional collaborative approach that supports children and families in fulfilling their potential for happiness and success.

GROW provides an inclusive and enriching learning space in support of self-directed education for homeschooled children ages 5-18 and a cooperative community of support for the entire family.

We are members of the Agile Learning Center Network (ALC) and we’ve integrated Agile LearningTools into our education model. These tools provide GROW learners a framework to be intentional about their learning goals, organize their efforts, reflect on their results, and share their progress for authentic assessment. We are also members of The Alliance For Self-Directed Education.

GROW learning spaces are ever evolving and designed to spark curiosity and serendipitous learning opportunities. We provide access to a variety of sensory materials, books, games, tools, instruments, technology, and outdoor spaces that allow them to play, explore, tinker, and discover.

There are no failures at GROW. We believe in the Play, Passion, Purpose continuum. When a young person is allowed to self-direct their activities from the start they will naturally play their way into discovering a passion. As they get older they will naturally mature into a stage where they will look for ways to turn their passion into their life’s purpose that allows them to be a self sustaining adult.

Our integrative approach and cooperative ecosystem are designed to support our learner’s GROWth through this continuum so that each one of them arrive at the purpose stage fully aware of how their unique talents and interests have value in society.

GROW's Community Supported Education Model

Our mission is to make the benefits of SDE accessible to children, teens, and communities no matter their socio-economic standing through our Community Supported Education Model.

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GROW does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identification.