Local Involvement and Forward Movement

Over the next few weeks, Idahoans will gather together in Boise to enact grassroots engagement strategies to help move Idaho forward. The goal of this event series is to connect all of us who have been searching for a way to stay engaged between election cycles in ways that can have a real, tangible outcome.

Design the Change you want to see in the world...

You can be involved right now.

We're asking you to help us design actions that can help bring about change in Idaho. During our recent brainstorming session we generated dozens of great ideas that absolutely need to get off the ground. Instead of waiting for our next meeting, we're inviting you to get started right now!

How to prototype the rebellion

Step 1: Review ideas

Check out the ideas participants generated during our first brainstorming event. Pick one or more you can get behind. Don't see your idea on the list? That's OK! New ideas are welcome whenever they appear. Feel free to start fresh.

Step 2: Make something

Create a prototype that shows us how people can join together to carry the idea forward. Draw up a storyboard, make a video, or build something quick and dirty to get your idea into physical space where we can see it and talk about it.

Step 3: Share your work

Post a picture or video of your prototype to the event Facebook page so others can get inspired and provide feedback.

Idaho Grassroots Organization | https://www.facebook.com/idgrassroots | idahograssroots@gmail.com