REGISTRATION IS OPEN for this year's summer course:

EDUX 9983 - Ignite Your Professional Teaching Practice

Here are a few reminders:

  • START WORKING RIGHT NOW! Are you preparing for REMOTE LEARNING for the FALL? Get Credit!

  • BACK TO SCHOOL EARLY? If you are back to school in early August we will be sure to help you complete the course in time for the start or school or help you wrap up the details on a Saturday.

What You Can Accomplish with EDUX 9983:

  • Plan for disruptions and changes to the next school year due to COVID-19

  • Design new materials to align with curriculum units!

  • Create or adapt lesson plans!

  • Incorporate technology into your lessons!

  • Focus on learning and integrating new programs!

  • Become acquainted at a deeper level with your literature and subject matter!

  • Reflect upon previous lessons and refine to better meet students' needs!

  • And, anything else that helps you to achieve your district or professional goals and makes you a more effective teacher!

Teaching is a Practice

Doctors practice medicine, Attorneys practice law, Teachers practice education.

Refining & Mastering Your Practice Takes Time

Teachers strive to create lessons that effectively engage students; but this requires time beyond what is allotted during the traditional school day. EDUX 9983: Ignite Your Professional Teaching Practice gives you the time to research, process, and delve deeper into your curriculum and start the year fully prepared. This type of preparation allows you to approach the school year ready, confident, and enthusiastic. EDUX 9983 allows educators to collaborate with other professionals, plan effective curriculum and create materials and resources to enhance teaching and learning.

Whether it is working with colleagues to create a blended learning course, integrating STEM related lessons into the curriculum, taking the time to research and learn new software for Chromebook or IPad or locating and reading student non-fiction books to meet district guidelines, what we need as professionals is credit for the time we devote to fulfilling our goals of being the best we can be in the classroom.

Earn graduate-level credits as you engage in innovative, relevant, professional learning for the 2020-21 school year. This summer, spend extensive time improving your teaching, working on your professional growth, and planning your school curricula to meet district initiatives while earning 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 graduate level semester credits!


Credit Options and Cost

Choose From:

  • 2 semester graduate credits - $280 (log 50 hours)

  • 3 semester graduate credits - $390 (log 75 hours)

  • 4 semester graduate credits - $515 (log 100 hours)

  • 5 semester graduate credits - $615 (log 125 hours)

  • 6 semester graduate credits - $715 (log 150 hours)