IGI "Chicago Style"

Gymnastics Camp


Advance your Level of Gymnastics!

At IGI's "Chicago Style" Camp you will train with some of the top coaches and gymnasts in the the country!!! Our coaches will help you develop the skills you need to succeed, through cutting edge drills and progressions. IGI's huge gymnastics training facility features all of the stations and set-ups you will need to increase the level of your skills.

  • Train and develop the skills necessary for your future
  • Learn proper progressions and lead-ups skills as well as strength and flexibility training
  • Improve the foundational skills necessary to high level gymnastics
  • Open to girls ages 6 to 18, and of all ability levels

Chicago Style Gymnastics Camp is a progression driven, energetic camp!!!

We have compiled a top notch coaching staff in an incredible training facility, at a reasonable cost. Not to mention it's a ton of fun! We encourage entire teams to join us, including their coaches. The reality is that the discipline necessary to achieve the intended results must be brought back with the athletes into their own gym. This helps the gymnasts bring as much of the "feel" back with them along with new drills, training techniques.

2017 Special Guest Coach: Daniel McCarty

Daniel has been involved in the sport of gymnastics for over 20 years. As a coach he has been an integral part of forty state championship teams in Michigan and at Twistars USA he helped coach 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist - Jordan Wieber! He has also coached numerous college gymnasts including Brehanna Showers now at the University of Oklahoma. His enthusiasm and encouragement are contagious.