IFW Members' Code of Conduct

This Code has been written as a guide to International Friends of Wrocław Members and is in accordance with our Constitution.

The Club Aim

The IFW serves as an informal social club and support network for international families or singles living and working in Wrocław. The Club’s defining ethic is inclusiveness: “There is no reason to feel alone.” As a non-profit organisation, the Club encourages and welcomes all its Members to volunteer in any club activities and events whenever possible.

Terms of Membership

As an international club, the IFW places great value on the varied cultures, beliefs and backgrounds of its Members. Therefore all Members are required to behave in a friendly, respectful and courteous manner towards other Members and visitors. Any discriminating comments or behaviour will not be tolerated by the Club and such individuals will be expelled from the Club.

All membership details are to be treated as confidential and Members must not disclose such information to others without the Member’s prior consent. Details of Board minutes must also not be disclosed to non Members.

Members may promote their personal business or activities on the designated notice board at the Club Premises but the Club must not be misused. Sponsorship proposals will be reviewed by the Board on a case by case basis to ensure that they do not conflict with the values and interests of the Club.

The premises are made available to the IFW by the City of Wrocław exclusively for club activities and must not be used for private purpose. All Club assets and resources must be used with care, guarding against waste and abuse.

All expenses required to organise a particular event need to be approved by the Board in the first instance. The claimant will need to submit a claim with all supporting receipts to the Club Treasurer within one month.

All reasonable complaints must be directed to the Presidents of the Executive Board and Review Board and will be dealt with in accordance to the Complaints Procedure.

Personal Responsibility and Club Indemnity

Participation in club activities in the club premises or elsewhere is at the members’ and guests’ own risk. The IFW and its volunteers are not liable for any loss, injury or damage arising from attendance or participation in IFW activities or events.